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When Progress is Fatal

In Women's Health on April 6, 2010 at 11:49 am

Worldwide urbanization looks like progress on its face. Growing urbanization brings more jobs to the city and more people to work.

That’s one way to look at it. There’s another side, too. There’s a negative impact that urbanization is having on the health of citizens in developing countries.

The 18th International Congress on Women’s Health Issues is looking at just that – assessing the impact of urban health and its effect on women in low income settlements.

One conference session looks at the environmental impact on women in low-income communities in Kapala City, Uganda.

The findings are shocking. There is no decent city planning systems or delivery systems. Thousands of women have been pushed to the most undesirable sections of the city where they face an unbelievable urban health hazards. That includes substandard housing, overcrowding, indoor air pollution and contaminated water supplies.

It takes a vision. It takes a plan. It takes a long-term commitment to bring Kampala City out of the trenches and to deliver better health care for women living in this community.

–     Judi Hasson


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