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Women Pushed to the Edge in Cities

In Women's Health on April 5, 2010 at 2:23 pm

You can take one city anywhere in the world and find women’s health being ravaged by a wide range of environmental insults.

A session on environmental challenges to women’s health does just that at the 18th Annual International Congress on Women’s Health Issues.

The session focuses on challenges among women in low –income communities in Kampala City, Uganda.

While every city is unique, there are plenty of lessons to learn about urban health that affect women in low-income settings by studying one location.

The problem is compounded by the failure of urban delivery systems, not to mention growing environmental health hazards. These include substandard housing, overcrowding, indoor air pollution, insufficient and contaminated water supplies, contaminated and inadequate food, poor sanitary conditions and growing traffic.

The session, led by Paul Lsolo Mukwaya, a PhD fellow at Makerere University in Uganda, will look at the importance of intersecting many sectors and stakeholders to improve women’s life.

Women’s health is more than just seeing the doctor and getting an inoculation. The session will underscore the importance of a safe and clean environment in helping to keep women healthy.


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