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A Safe Haven for Abused Women

In Women's Health on April 5, 2010 at 2:38 pm

Making sure women are healthy in America is a complex challenge, not just about making sure they are well-fed, housed and getting good medical care.

There are plenty of environmental issues, too, that can make or break health issues for women in urban areas.

The 18th Annual International Congress on Women’s Health Issues focuses on women’s health and urban areas. And one of the big domestic issues is helping abused women find a safe haven and get their lives back together again.

One session at the four-day conference is studying housing intervention for abused women and their children in Mulnomah County, Oregon. It looks at one way to get women who have suffered abuse out of a bad environment and back on track.

The session is part of a study from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing on safe and affordable housing for women surviving violence.

The issue will be discussed and debated at the track session. The bottom line: the importance of providing housing stability to women after they have experienced a physical or sexual assault.

You may argue that this is about more than just health but safe housing is a big component of bettering women’s health.

One woman told the study: “There is nothing in this world more important than being able to provide housing for your family.”


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