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Domestic Violence Has No Borders

In Women's Health on March 29, 2010 at 2:11 pm

The 18th Annual International Congress on Women’s Health Issues is focusing on domestic violence, one of many issues it’s studying that affects women’s health.

Domestic violence against women is spread worldwide, but its characteristics vary depending on social and cultural factors.

Whether it happens in Philadelphia or in Brazil, its impact on women is the same: It affects their health and well being. It is a public health issue.

One session will look at the impact on women in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where domestic violence was reported by 37 percent of the mothers interviewed.

Another session looks at domestic violence in Uganda where nearly 80 percent of the women experience some sort of domestic violence such as sexual assault, physical violence, economic, verbal or emotional abuse.

And a third focuses on domestic violence against women in Bangladesh who are victims of abuse inflicted by a husband on an unintended pregnancy and who subsequently terminated the pregnancy.

Domestic violence perpetrated by a husband is a violation of women’s rights and is a pervasive global public health concern no matter where it occurs.

The conference will look at this issue – one of many it is studying and plans to offer strategies to help put end to it whether it’s in the slums of Uganda or apartment dwellings of America’s cities.

— Judi Hasson

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