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Refugee Women Flood Cities

In Women's Health on March 23, 2010 at 3:30 pm

The number of women living in cities is growing dramatically around the world, fueled by millions of refugees displaced by civil war, natural disasters and persecution.

The 18th Annual International Congress on Women’s Health Issues will look at cities and women’s health, mindful of these numbers and their devastating consequences.

Led by experts in global health issues, the four-day conference will look at health policy and new strategies to deliver better health to women in cities and urban settings in the United States and globally.

It will investigate the health care for refugee women forced to flee their homelands and face, in many cases, the complete absence of basic health services in slums where they are forced to settle.

Examples of this tragic story include the Iraqi refugee women and girls in Jordan, the Sudanese migrating to Uganda due to civil war, and Cambodian refugees in Thailand. But there are plenty of other places around the globe where women face substandard living conditions that breed significant health problems.

Some of the solutions to be discussed during the conference are as simple as providing access to menstrual pads to women and girls to make their lives easier. But most of the time, the problems are far more complex and the solutions more difficult.

The sessions will discuss the challenges facing displaced women and girls all over the world. That includes sexual violence, malnutrition and socio-economic and educational disparities. And it will look for strategies to impact these populations of women.

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