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Women Waiting for Better Health Care

In Women's Health on March 19, 2010 at 2:10 pm

The 18th annual international women’s health conference in Philadelphia takes place at an historic moment.

President Obama is likely to sign this enormous piece of legislation to provide health care for all Americans before this conference even begins in April.

Health reform won’t solve every problem in the United States. It won’t go into effect immediately.

 It is likely to have a great impact on many of the issues at the conference that look at women in urban America.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t diminish the critical problems to be discussed at this conference one bit.

They include violence against women in urban areas, helping women in high risk communities and the well-being of women’s health in cities across the United States.

In West Philly, the youth homicide rate is 5 times the national average. How does that affect girls? We find out.

Urban American women may have more in common with women around the world than they think. And we look around the world at how health care is delivered to women and what is missing.


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